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About T'marie


T'marie Hilson has always had a love for art and fashion. Growing up as a "military brat" T'marie discovered her first love for art and fashion living in Vicenza Italy, Mannheim Germany, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania and pretty much all over, as a young child. She would later venture off into the fashion industry as a model during her teenage and young adult years. After being on the runway for some time, T'marie decided to make the bold decision to become a custom shoe designer after receiving great praise from people on the shoes she custom designed for herself. She would later venture off to start her own business T'marie Productions LLC in Cincinnati Ohio as well as opening her own clothing boutique in Cheviot Ohio. After showcasing her custom shoe designs as well as accessories around the states of Ohio and Kentucky, T'marie decided to relocate and start fresh moving to the Nashville Tennessee area. Upon her relocation T'marie decided to focus on launching an online art shop called Beautiful Dopeness which includes her original artwork & other creative pieces. You can follow her on Instagram @artworkbytashamarie and @tashamariemomof3

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